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The Project


Pretty Whiskey is rooted in the daydreams of my adolescence and the hedonistic activities of my young adulthood.


What began as eclectic sketches during classes turned into colorful, full paged, personalized murals for my fellow students, friends, and family. From there, I moved onto birthday cards, valentines, and portraits - evolving to focus on my passions for cinema, feminism, and mental health. 


Many Gen Y millenials were raised to believe we could be anything we wanted when the time came - then we grew up. Even now, as I'm drowning in the harsh realities of adulthood, I'm forced to continue to hold onto that belief. It's a life preserver in open water. There are some passions and dreams rooted so deep - those are the ones worth holding onto and pursuing. For me, that has always been some form of creation. At the risk of sounding more pretentious than I probably already do, I'll say that all I have ever wanted to be is an artist. A creator - whether that means being an illustrator, a writer, an actor, a filmmaker, a designer, or a mother. It's the first answer I ever remember giving when adults would ask my child-self what I wanted to be when I grew up. As author Ursula K. LeGuin said, "the creative adult is the child who has survived."






Follow me on Instagram (@sauts) for my meticulously filtered photos, and on Twitter (@Sautterdays) for my post-adolescent angst. 

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