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Could this wrapping paper BE any better for a Friends fanatic? This gift wrap is perfect for all kinds of events and celebrations and the design can also be made available for digital download or on other merchandise! While getting a present is always a good thing, having a special or noteworthy wrap job is a big piece of the overall presentation. This wrapping paper features edge-to-edge printing on a premium gloss paper (90 GSM) for a smooth and clean look. 

-- Central Perk, the purple door, the orange couch, the turkey, Pat the dog, Rosita the recliner, Ichiban: lipstick for men, and the Geller Cup!
-- 90 gsm fine art paper
-- Available as one sheet in two sizes: 24" × 36" or 24" × 60"
-- Edge-to-edge one sided print
-- Paper comes rolled-up
-- NB! Blank / white space with a barcode at the top edge

FRIENDS Wrapping Paper

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